Friday, May 2, 2014

Our Happy ... Beginning

I know I have been seriously slacking with any updates on this blog! However, a lot has taken place since my last let me start where I left off.

My husband and I tried for a couple of years after losing Brinley with no luck to make another baby. Then in March of 2013, I found out I was pregnant!! My nerves were a wreck, I feared losing this baby too. But I was trying to remain positive, I took my vitamins as I should have to try and prevent this baby from having anencephaly too. We wanted so badly to have a healthy baby!! But then our joy turned to tears as we went to the Dr for our first ultrasound and they couldn't find a heartbeat. I was convinced that it was just to early to be detected, so we waited 2 weeks. Those 2 weeks seemed to drag by, waiting is horrible as I am NOT a patient person. We finally were ready for another ultrasound ... fetal pole and gestational sac measured to date, but still no heartbeat (which should have been clear by now). I was still not ready or willing to give up hope!! After all, our baby was growing!!! So, we waited another (very long) 2 weeks. This time, the fetal pole and gestational sac had shrunk ... still no heartbeat. We were heartbroken once again. With the hopes of finding out why our baby didn't make it, we decided to have a d & c done. On May 16th, 2013 I had the surgery. We did find out that we were going to have twin boys, but they both had mismatched chromosomes.

We had to come to terms with the loss of our boys, the same as we had to cope with the loss of our daughter almost 2 years before.

At the end of October, we were asked if we would be willing to adopt a little girl ... without question we said YES!! Of course we contacted an attorney so we could have everything in order before she was born. Once again, we had to wait!! On January 13, 2014 at 4:16pm our daughter was born!! Gabriella Raine was a tiny 5 pound 7 ounces and 17 inches long ... and she was GORGEOUS!!! After 4 days in the hospital, we were able to bring our baby girl home!! Our family was finally complete!!

The adoption process is nerve racking, to say the very least ... however, I'd gladly do it again! As of now, we are about half way through the adoption process, hopefully it won't be much longer! Gabriella is the light of our world ... She completes us! I are so happy to have her in our lives, in our home, in our hearts ... We are totally head over heels in love with every single thing she does and every ounce of her! 

I will try to keep this up to date ... but I will make no promises :)